Dealing with production and marketing of citrus fruits, which he has taken over from his father Abdullah Niyazi DEVELİ in the 1920s, Muhittin DEVELİ was one of the prominent businessmen in Mersin. Niyazi Kutlu DEVELİ has taken over the ancestor profession in the 1950s and developed the agriculture business. Having commenced its corporate life in the 1960s with purchase and sales of real estate and served as a family-owned corporation for over a century, Develi Group of Companies (Niyazi Kutlu Develi-Vefa Develi) has taken the first step in building trade consisting of private residences, coastal housing estates and tourist facilities in 1970. Furthermore, our Group Company has constructed the first coastal housing estate in Turkey.

Having begun trade with production and sales of citrus, our company is carrying on today its activities throughout a number of sectors such as construction undertaking, marketing of building materials, tourist facility and hotel management, construction of shopping malls, real estate investment and project designing, production and marketing of citrus fruits, and fuel-oil station marketing and management.

We invite you to cooperate, with a view to turn our real estates and assets into new projects, to catch up with the times, to make the beautiful more beautiful and to offer the best to our people


  • Our mission in the construction sector is to produce buildings at world standards by means of state-of-the art technology. We consider each building which we construct with our mission based on customer satisfaction as our signature.

  • As a pioneer establishment, our mission in tourism, agriculture, import, export and petroleum sectors is to perform high-quality works in the market at all times .


  • Our vision is to be an exemplary corporation who sets the standards in respect to productivity, quality, business, and employee safety throughout all sectors that we operate with all of our companies.